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Guide to Selecting the Best Siding for Your Home

Guide to Selecting the Best Siding for Your Home

Explore Low Maintenance & High Quality Siding Materials

First impressions count. The siding on your home is one of the biggest contributing factors to a home’s first impression. When you need to replace your siding, there are many options available to match your particular style, taste, and budget.

Top Siding Materials

Durability and low maintenance are on the top of most homeowner’s wish lists. The most common siding material is vinyl. Vinyl siding cannot absorb any water, installs via a locking system, and the color is in the product rather than on the product. These features make it a solid choice for homeowners looking for less hassle and upkeep.

Homeowners interested in reducing their home’s energy costs should consider insulated vinyl siding. Insulated vinyl siding has been gaining in popularity, particularly in remodeling projects where homeowners are looking to stay in their homes longer. Rigid foam insulation is laminated to the vinyl siding, making it more solid and resistant to wind than traditional vinyl siding.

James Hardie® fiber cement siding and trim products are specially designed for unpredictable and harsh Wisconsin climates, giving you a product the is best suited to ever-changing weather demands. They are also available pre-finished, which reduces homeowner maintenance.

LP® SmartSide® is an engineered wood product that is impact resistant, making it a good choice in local areas like Milwaukee and Waukesha that see storms and hail, as well as freeze/thaw conditions.

Siding Color Technology

Technology in the siding industry continues to evolve and improve, allowing manufacturers to offer richer, darker colors. This gives people the look they want, with the benefit of less maintenance. Color is permeated directly into the siding during the vinyl manufacturing process, making it durable and resistant to fading.

Fiber cement siding such as James Hardie and engineered wood siding such as LP SmartSide are primed by the manufacturer. The product is then sent to a finisher who finishes it matching various regional color differences. The climate-controlled process of factory finishing allows them to create a finish lasting up to 15 years. These products can also be installed primed, and then painted on-site.

Siding & Curb Appeal

There is a growing demand for mixing siding textures and profiles. Curb appeal and the use of different colors, profiles, textures, and materials is a huge trend right now. Multiple profiles and colors are often being used on the same home. In the Midwest, wider siding profiles are a very popular choice, along with shakes or board and batten on accent areas. By following this trend, homeowners can create their own personal aesthetic, giving the exterior of their home a unique look.

Milwaukee Siding Contractors

Siding contractors and homeowners look for similar qualities in siding. They want design options, durability, low maintenance, and top-notch warranties. The best siding product for your home is the one that has the best overall value, looks good, fits your budget, and is low maintenance.

Our siding crews at L. H. Krueger and Son are experts in protecting your home with the best siding materials. We work to provide the finest quality materials with a great deal of experience and professional service. Update the look and feel of your home today with new siding. Request a free siding estimate!