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What to Expect When You’re Expecting a New Roof

What to Expect When You’re Expecting a New Roof

Thank you for choosing L.H. Krueger and Son for your home improvement project! We know that hiring a contractor is a major decision and we are confident that you will be satisfied with your choice and pleased with the results.

Re-roofing your home is a significant undertaking and, if you haven’t been through the process before, you may not know what to expect. The scope of the work can be a bit of a shock. Don’t worry! The professional L.H. Krueger team will make every effort to make it painless, with the least amount of disruption to your lifestyle as possible.

Here is what to expect:

Once your contract with us is signed and a start-date established, we’ll keep you informed of the schedule. Weather delays are our largest variable. Keeping your home and possessions dry and protected is of utmost importance. We will not take unnecessary risks.

We will notify you approximately one week prior to your scheduled start-date and let you know where you are on the schedule.  Then, one to two days prior to your start date we will contact you with an exact start date. Again, scheduling is contingent on weather.

On your start-date, the L.H. Krueger and Son team will arrive and the Lead Man will ring your doorbell and introduce himself. Please express any last minute concerns to him directly or feel free to call our office. We are always available to you to ensure your comfort during the re-roof process.

Once work commences, the dumpster will arrive. We prefer to have the crew on site to ensure proper dumpster placement. As our team proceeds through the tear-off of your old roof, the Lead Man will manage the arrival of the new shingles. This typically happens by mid-morning on your start-date.  Sometimes, due to scheduling or the layout of your particular home, the shingles need to be delivered prior to the start date and will be placed on the ground.  Our team will let you know when this situation applies to your project.

Each evening the site will be secured, debris cleaned up, tools stacked neatly, driveway swept, etc. On an average tear-off, we will remove over 20,000 nails from your roof. We intend to account for each and every one, to prevent damage to your tires.

After all debris is in the dumpster we will arrange to have it removed as quickly as we can. During tear-off, nails may find their way under the dumpster. We will secure the area and return later that day or the next to clean the area vacated by the dumpster. We want to be sure that every last bit of scrap and debris is removed from your home site.

Our goal is your total satisfaction. Upon completion, we will perform a final roof inspection and send you an final invoice. After payment is received, your warranty will be registered with the shingle manufacturer and you’ll have a worry-free roof for a long, long time.