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Man Collecting Water In basin From Ceiling. Ceiling panels damage

3 Steps to Minimize Damage From a Roof Leak

Steps to take when you discover a leaky roof in your home Rain, rain, go away, come again another day. Don’t we wish! Wisconsin has had more than enough rain recently and there’s more in the forecast. All this rain might

Summer Storm Roof Damage

Wisconsin’s long, cold, and snowy winters can be damaging to your roof.  But summer storms tend to arrive fast and fierce, and can cause more roof damage than the worst blizzards.  Summer storm roof damage is something we see a

Prevent Ice Damming Drama

In variable climates, like we have here in Wisconsin, ice damming is just one of many challenges that can compromise your roof’s integrity. While a dwelling with poor insulation/ventilation is highly prone to ice damming during normal winter weather, even