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Don’t Call it a Roof Leak: 5 Other Sources of Water Damage

Don’t Call it a Roof Leak: 5 Other Sources of Water Damage

Is that a water stain on the ceiling?  Oh no!  It must be a roof leak – what else could it be? Ugh!  So much for the painting project you had planned.

Most people would agree you have a roof leak somewhere directly above that ominous stain.   But leaks can be sneaky.  Water follows the path of least resistance, with a little help from gravity of course, so the water might be coming from a place you never considered.  You may not have a roof leak after all.  Here are 5 common sources of water damage:

  1.  Ice Dams.  Ice Dams cause trouble when they melt.  The ice “dam”  does just that, and blocks the path of the melting water.  More than likely it has nowhere to go but in your house, typically finding its way in behind your gutters or underneath your shingles.  


  1. Clogged Gutters.  One of the best things you can do is keep your gutters and downspouts clean.  Check them several times a year, especially during those times when trees are dropping lots of debris.  Consider having Raindrop Gutter Guards installed if this is one of those chores you dread doing.


  1.  Leaking Water Pipes.  Plumbing pipes are often in your attic.  If they are leaking or gathering condensation they will drip and it may appear that you have a roof leak.  An attic inspection will determine if this is the case.


  1.  Condensation.  Without proper insulation and ventilation, moisture gets trapped in your home which can lead to condensation build up, especially in your attic.  A qualified contractor can help determine if you have adequate ventilation for the size of your home.  Also make it a habit to always run kitchen and bath fans when cooking or bathing.


  1.  Loose Siding.  Wind- driven rain can push water behind siding, into gaps, or around windows where caulk is missing.  This is especially true around windows and doors or other areas that are more vulnerable to the elements.

Any water leak can create serious problems and it can be difficult sometimes to determine the source.  It’s not always obvious.  Often it involves a good detective work along with trial and error. When in doubt, call a reputable contractor to assist in finding the source of the water leak.