After we’ve received your full payment, it should be about 1-2 weeks until your lien waiver and warranty packet arrives. If you opt to get the upgraded GAF warranty, this will come directly to you (not through L.H. Krueger) in 1-2 months.

Generally, we recommend cleaning your shingles once per year. Shingles should never be cleaned with a pressure washer–a regular garden hose will do the trick! If algae and or moss are present, several DIY products are quite effective and available at your local big-box store. For more information, check out our blog post: What Causes Roof Stains?

A standard asphalt shingle roof has an average lifespan of 25-40 years. If your roof is nearing its life expectancy, look for excessive dark streaking, curling shingles, missing shingles, or lots of loose granules. These indicate that it might be time for a re-roof.

Ventilation is the key to preventing ice dams. Almost all ice dams are caused by heat loss into attic spaces. At L.H. Krueger, we carefully consider proper ventilation with every roofing project to prevent ice damming issues before they ever happen.

We recommend roof raking and ice melt pucks to tackle ice dams. In extreme cases, professional steaming can get the job done, but this can be very expensive. Never use rock salt, which is less effective and can damage shingle nails, masonry, and even your landscaping beds.

At the peak of your roof, there needs to be a mushroom-style or ridge vent. At the eaves, there can be a soffit vent or a shingle over intake along the gutter line. Proper ventilation helps regulate your roof’s temperature, keeping ice dams at bay.

Small icicles form when the snow on top of the black gutter guard melts and the touches aluminum gutter. This is actually a good thing, and it’s part of why Raindrop gutter guards are a great product. Metal gutter guards, by comparison, just stay frozen up and cause problems.

As you might expect, the answer is “it depends”! The variation of pricing depends on the scope of work, the size of the home, and the materials chosen by the homeowner. For example, an average 2,500 square foot ranch might involve the following costs:

  • New roof: $20,000-25,000
  • New siding: $35,000-40,000
  • New gutters: $3,000-4,000
  • Repairs and service calls: $250-750

To get the most accurate pricing for your home exterior project, request a free estimate!

We often match gutters to a home’s fascia, which is a common choice for homeowners. However, we’re happy to help you select whatever color will be best for your home.

Exterior caulking should be checked on an annual basis. Erratic Wisconsin weather can cause shrinking due to extreme temperature lows and highs, which lead to cracking. Yearly checkups help you catch and fix damage early.

L.H. Krueger is committed to using quality products that stand the test of time. Your home exterior will benefit from industry-leading brands of asphalt shingles, composite or fiber cement siding, and aluminum gutters, siding, and fascia. In addition, we use a high-quality caulk made from silicone of polyurethane.

We do not offer gutter cleaning services. There are many reputable companies in Southeast Wisconsin that we would be happy to recommend for gutter cleaning.

We do not offer emergency home exterior services. If you would like to schedule service, please contact us to set up an appointment.

While we aren’t able to get rid of pesky critters for you, we can help you after they’re gone! Once a pest has been removed, we can plug any holes it created. Then, we’ll assess your shingles, soffit, fascia, and siding and diagnose any issues the animal may have caused, including deterioration, damage from chewing, or rot due to exposure, so that you can get your home’s exterior good as new again.

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