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Preparing for Your Project

Preparing for your project is important. Here a home is prepared for the project to begin

Preparing for Your Project

An exterior home improvement project is a significant undertaking. Preparing for your project is important. To avoid damage to your possessions, please take the following precautions prior to our visit.

Preparing for your Project with L.H. Krueger and Son

  1. Take down delicate knick-knacks, pictures, figurines, etc. Vibration typical during roof removal could cause them to fall.
  2. Park away from the dwelling during construction. There are typically 20,000 nails removed in a re-roof project. There will be nails on the ground, from time to time.
  3. Wherever possible, protect outdoor plantings. It is best to move flower pots and patio furniture well away from the home or to otherwise protect them.
  4. Mowing your lawn just prior to installation of your new roof will facilitate retrieval of any stray loose nails.
  5. Please do not park in the area vacated by the dumpster until we can secure and clean that space. There may be nails present.