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5 Reasons to Consider Replacing Your Roof in Winter

5 Reasons to Consider Replacing Your Roof in Winter

Benefits of Re-Roofing in the Wisconsin Winter

As with most roofers, our busy season typically runs from Spring through Fall. What most people don’t realize is that winter can be the best time of the year to re-roof your home!

Why is winter a good time to re-roof your home?

1. No Risk of Water Leaks During the Tear-Off Process

We constantly monitor the weather, but Wisconsin weather forecasts are notorious for their inaccuracy.  Every one of our crews are prepared for surprise rain storms so they can prevent damage to your home, but work stops once it starts raining.

Every day lost to weather serves to delay all future jobs on the schedule as well. During the summer, these weather delays can create a significant lead time for our services. A winter re-roof project will eliminate these risks. We can easily broom snow off the roof to keep working through winter flurries!

2. No Damage to Blooming Flowers & Shrubs

The growing season is short here in Wisconsin. Some of us wait all year for just a few weeks of blooms from our favorite flowers or shrubs! Our crews are careful not to damage your landscaping, but there is no way to avoid foot traffic around the entire perimeter of your home. This tends to leave things looking a bit trampled and not at their best. A winter re-roof project can be done while your plants are dormant.

3. Frozen Ground Means No Lawn Damage

Anyone who has experienced Spring in Wisconsin knows how soft the ground can get after the frost thaws. Otherwise beautiful lawns have a nasty habit of quickly becoming mud pits.

Imagine trying to walk through that all day while pushing a fully loaded wheelbarrow. As careful as our installers are, it’s very difficult not to leave ruts in soft soil.

We always repair residual lawn damage at the end of each project, but if your lawn is the pride of the neighborhood, a winter re-roof project will eliminate the unsightliness of grass patches as they grow and settle.

4. Same Labor & Material Warranty

Peace of mind is key when contemplating major home improvements. So it’s important to remember that shingle manufacturers offer the same product warranty regardless of the time of year they are installed. Our labor warranty is the same in Winter, Spring, Fall, and Summer!

5. Avoid Disrupting Precious Outdoor Summer Time With a Construction Project

Wisconsin summers are short and fleeting. Why spend part of those few outdoor months undergoing a major exterior construction project?
Under the best of conditions a re-roofing project will still be loud, messy, and disruptive. A winter re-roof project is great for those families who love to entertain or spend lots of time outside in their yard during those few summer months.

Get An Estimate For Your Winter Roofing Project

Next time you look up and notice your roof is starting to look a bit worn or damaged, keep in mind that L.H. Krueger & Son is able to replace your roof in any season. Feel free to visit our Contact Us page and set up a time for your free roofing estimate!