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Summer Storm Roof Damage

Summer Storm Roof Damage

Wisconsin’s long, cold, and snowy winters can be damaging to your roof.  But summer storms tend to arrive fast and fierce, and can cause more roof damage than the worst blizzards.  Summer storm roof damage is something we see a lot of here at L.H. Krueger and Son, Inc. Knowing what to watch for, and regularly inspecting your roof will help reduce expensive damage to your home.

Severe Storms

Summer storm roof damage is caused by hail, rain, and wind. Large hail can damage the roof, rain can cause leaks, and wind can blow off shingles.  High winds will worsen existing problems on your roof, such as loose shingles, delaminating shingles, and neglected termination points.  Missing shingles aren’t just unsightly – they lead to roof leaks which can be catastrophic during the heavy rains of a summer storm.   Wind-driven storm debris causes a large amount of summer storm roof damage as well.

Extreme Heat

During Wisconsin’s summer heatwaves there is nearly always in increase in the humidity.  Heat and humidity can cause shingles to curl, bubble, or warp.  In addition, without proper ventilation, this heat and humidity will build up inside your attic and prematurely deteriorate your shingles and roof deck.  Exposure to the sun drys out roofing materials, sealants, and rubber gaskets, causing them to crack.  This most usually occurs around plumbing and vent flashings, and is a common roof repair in Wisconsin.


Hail often occurs during the summer in Wisconsin, and cause summer storm roof damage, especially to asphalt shingles.  Other roofing materials can be broken and damaged, such as roof vents and skylights.  Extremely large hail can even leave holes in your roof!  Letting this damage go untreated can cause a failure of the roof as a whole. If you see evidence of hail damage around your home, such as dented gutters, dented siding, or damaged patio furniture, contact your insurance company and have an adjuster inspect your roof for hail damage.


Wisconsin’s summer storms usually involve high wind gusts, and they can do a lot of damage to your roof.  Summer storm roof damage from high winds can range from a few lifted shingles, to entire sections of your roof blowing off.  Always inspect your yard for shingle debris and visually inspect your roof for missing shingles after a summer storm.

Weathering Summer Storm Roof Damage

Summer storms in Wisconsin often arrive quickly and with little warning. The best defense against serious damage is to do a quick and thorough inspection after the storm.  As soon as the weather permits, inspect for the following common problems caused by summer storms:

  • Debris on the roof
  • Ponding water
  • Punctures in the roof membrane
  • Missing, lifted or broken shingles
  • Damaged or lifted flashings
  • Missing or damaged vents
  • Damage to skylights

Even though winter has the reputation as the dangerous season for your roof, summer storm roof damage is far more dangerous.  A well maintained roof can weather Wisconsin’s summer storms.  Keeping your gutters clear of debris and surrounding trees trimmed will also help reduce summer storm damage.  Once the storm has passed, homeowners who use the checklist above and take action will minimize damage to their home and prevent larger problems from occurring during the next summer storm.